If you’ve found your way here you’re an entrepreneur struggling to create a strong look for your brand.


  • You want to look and feel creative yet smart.


  • You hate the idea that you’d look too ‘corporatey’ (you happily got rid of the suits long ago)  yet casual has never been your style either.


  • Maybe you know the look you want but are struggling to source the items for your upcoming branding photo-shoot? Plus you really don’t have the time to do the endless searching.


  • You don’t just want to look good in the photos – you want a look that you’re excited to wear everyday.


  • You want an authentic personal brand! Regardless of whether you’re sitting behind your laptop, doing a Facebook Live, are with a client or working from a coffee shop.


  • You’d love a fresh pair of eyes and a stylist’s opinion to ensure your image says EXACTLY what you want it to.


In short – you want to up-level your wardrobe so it embodies YOU, your business and your brand!


One of the (many) benefits of running your own business is that YOU set the rules!   You have the freedom to wear what you choose and to craft a personal style that you love and that communicates what is important to you.

You don’t have to conform to a strict, unimaginative dress code, or fit in with someone else’s brand and vision!

However, while this can be liberating, it can also leave you feeling a little lost.

The struggle to blend personal style with a business brand is real and often leads to entrepreneurs cobbling together a style that represents what they think they should look like, rather than something that feels authentic and aligns with their values.

And I don’t want that for you!

I want you to curate an authentic personal style that aligns with your personal brand because this is one of the most powerful and effective ways to build confidence, communicate to your audience, and build trust, credibility and, ultimately, paying clients.


Branding is so much more than your marketing colors and logo. YOU are your own walking, talking advert for your business. YOU are your brand.


But not enough entrepreneurs use this to their advantage.

We have less time than ever to make the best first impression and that’s even truer in business, so it’s crucial that your personal brand extends from your online presence, right through to your daily personal style


My aim is to help you uncover a personal style unique to you that aligns you with your business. To me you are one and the same and I want you to look and feel that way too.


I’ve spent 10 years working with women of all shapes, sizes and ages, from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, helping them create a personal style that will help them to show up authentically EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I work to curate a hard-working capsule collection that reflects your ethos and your brand so you can show up, both online and in person, confident and uniquely you when representing your business.





 Stage one –  exploring your style and your brand.

  • You will receive a comprehensive questionnaire to fill in and will curate 2 Pinterest boards – one that illustrates your brand and another that illustrates your personal style preferences.
  • Next we schedule a style discovery call to discuss the questionnaire and boards and go over any questions we might have.
  • After this, I will provide you with a style vision board and a proposed collection of items

Stage two – Curating your Collection

  • Once you’re happy with my direction, I will source your items and compile 2 seperate look-books for you to shop from

Stage three – Purchasing your Items

  • You will receive 2 lookbooks – one for your capsule collection and a one for your personal branding photoshoot
  • The lookbooks contain direct links for purchase so you can purchase the items immediately.

Stage four –  Styling Support

  • We’ll schedule a call to discuss styling and accessorizing the items, and integrating them into your current collection

Optional stage five – Photoshoot Styling

  •  If you would like me to be available via live chat on the day of the shoot then this can be arranged (time differences permitting) for an additional fee


Why choose me to help you with your personal style?

I’ve spent the past 10 years running my personal styling business, arming women with the skills and knowledge they need to present the best version of themselves and their business to their audience.  I’ve been honing my skills and developing my own personal style in the process and am I know I can do the same for you.

I won’t pigeonhole you and squeeze you into a cookie cutter style type. I know that just doesn’t work for some of us, myself included.

Rather than assign you a ‘style type’, I’ll help you develop your own signature style, one that is a reflection of your essence, one that not only suits you and your shape but that is uniquely yours.

The beauty of understanding your signature style, is that once you have identified what the unifying thread is that runs through your personal style, you’ll be able to create the looks you want with ease, will effortlessly integrate new pieces into your collection, and you’ll have no trouble introducing a new trend into the mix.

It doesn’t matter what size you are, what shape you are, how old you are, or whether your wearing the latest trends or not. Your personal style is yours and, rather than struggling to fit into some cookie cutter style, find your own, tread your own path, embrace your own shape and develop a personal style that comes from your heart and that feels truly authentic.

And I can help you to do just that.

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“I had such an amazing experience hiring Niki to style me for performances, PhotoShoots, and everyday wardrobe. Nikki is a true professional. She listened to my direction and offered great suggestions within my budget. She made shopping fun, easy, and stress free. I look and feel great and have had so many compliments on my style!” Singer songwriter, Rachel B


“I’m a self-employed interior designer and I contacted Niki because I needed some help with my work wardrobe. I had lots of boring business clothes from a previous role in a corporate job, and all manner of jeans, t-shirts and hoodies to wear at weekends. However I really struggled to look creative, yet smart, business-like but not too stuffy – it’s a fine line to tread and I found myself either being too corporate or too casual. I wanted to level-up my work wardrobe so that what I wore really embodied my business and brand. Niki really understood what I wanted to achieve, she hand-picked a fabulous range of clothes and gently guided me to try things on that I never would have looked at before. I was amazed by how many items fitted perfectly!    I now have a fantastic, stylish capsule wardrobe of smart-casual-creative outfits. I feel so much more confident when going to networking events and meeting clients – it’s given me a really boost. My style is much more in-line with my business brand and ethos nowadays, and I have a better idea of what to look for when I’m shopping on my own. All thanks to Niki’s expert help!” Sarah Burrows – Pickard Design


“Niki is a genius with a wardrobe. I’m a reluctant clothes shopper to say the least but Niki made the experience a lot of fun. I learnt a lot about what clothes suit me as well as learning more about myself. The following day a friend saw me and commented on how smartly I was dressed. He said that I looked like me but more so, and that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve. I couldn’t recommend Niki more highly” Sean Malyon – Photographer