This is me…I’m bottom heavy – always have been and always will be. I used to hate it but as I’ve grown older I’ve grown to accept it and like it (I’m not at ‘I love it’ yet, but I hope to get there one day). I like that I have a small waist, a neat torso and can get away without wearing a bra in the summer. I’m working hard at the gym to strengthen my figure and tone up, but, even with all this positivity, when it comes to baring all pool side that self-conscious monster rears its ugly head and I’m back to wishing I was a different shape.  But life is too short.  And I know there are more important things to my spend time thinking about so I’ve learned a few tricks over the years to make the most of what I have and fight back that demon and I’m going to share them with you, my fellow bottom heavy lovelies, so you too can find swimwear that makes you feel confident poolside!  If you’re not bottom heavy then take a peek at the other posts in this swimwear mini series:

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  • Despite what you might think, a high-waist bikini bottom can be really flattering, especially if you have a great waist (hello pear shape lovelies!) as the high waistline will highlight this. BUT (no pun intended) I highly recommend choosing a style with a high leg as well as a high waist (like these) as this will narrow you across your hips and bottom. If you choose a lower leg (like these) you will probably end up making your bottom half appear wider than it is. I know it’s a fine line but it’s often the little details that make the biggest difference.
  • Try styles that offer a little less coverage across your bottom like this bikini – full coverage can sometimes emphasis a large bottom.
  • Look for separates that mix and match  so you can choose two different colors, prints or a mix of both. Make sure the boldest print or color is on the top half and the lightest print or color is on the bottom half.
  • Swimwear that has sheer panels or lacing up the side will narrow you.
  • Choose styles that show off your best assets rather than obsessing over covring up what you don’t like.   If you have a good bust, then flaunt it! If you have a great waist, show it off!
  • If you have shoulders that are narrower than your hips then look for swimwear that has a high neck, a halter neckline, or even off the shoulder styles – all of these will broaden your shoulders and balance your hips.
  • As I always say – use color blocking to minimize and maximize. The blocks on this suit are narrowing the entire torso and drawing the eye up to the bust.  It works a treat!
  • Use print to your advantage – this suit is a great example of how print can minimize and maximize.  Notice how the smaller print minimizes the bottom half and the larger print makes the top half appear larger?
  • Skimpy styles that have long ties at the side, like this can draw the eye in and narrow your hips


  • Ruffles and detailing like this that sits across the hips or thighs will add unnecessary bulk and will probably make you look more bottom heavy than you are.
  • Avoid styles that draw a line around, and highlight, your widest point such as this  or this.
  • Avoid low slung hipster styles like this that will broaden your bottom half.
  • Low leg styles will broaden you so it’s better to choose a higher leg.
  • Avoid a style that offers you a lot of coverage across your bottom, the less fabric the smaller your bottom will look.
Swimwear that faltters a bottom heavy figure
ONE – The print on this swimsuit is so clever!  The large print on the top half of this suit is what makes the impact.  It takes your attention away from the bottom half where the print is smaller.  As well as that it has a cut out detail at the side and a black band around the waist that really define it. And it has a high neckline that broadens the torso a little thus balancing the hips.  This is one of my favorite swimsuits out there!
TWO – This bikini has black elastic trimming on the top and bottom that can be moved around to create the most flattering shape for your figure. I particularly like how it sits in this photo with the deep v on the front of the bikini bottoms, as it breaks up the line across the hips which narrows.
THREE – This swimsuit has a high leg which helps to narrow the hips and thighs, and a halter neck style which broadens the shoulders.  The bandage like panels draw the eye up the body, away from your bottom half.
FOUR – There is a bit of a trend for cut outs on bikini bottoms like this one, and these are great t narrowing hips and thighs!
FIVE – This is a fantastic example of colour blocking working to your advantage.  The two nude panels give the illusion of a long narrow torso, and they narrow right down to the hips.  Honestly, it’s a fantastic piece if you’re bottom heavy!
SIX – Choose swimwear that takes all the attention to your top half and that broadens the shoulders.  This off the shoulder, ruffle top, does both of those brilliantly!
SEVEN – Opting for sets that have contrasting prints, top and bottom (or separates that enable you to mix and match different colors and prints) gives you the power to highlight your top half and take the attention away from your bottom half.  This set does that beautifully!
EIGHT – The detailing on the top of this suit is beautiful and instantly takes the eye up and away from the bottom half.  Monochrome blocking also works a treat!
NINE – Another trend this summer is for ties and laddering down the side of high waist bottoms – As well as looking fab, this is a great feature if you want to narrow your hips and bottom!
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